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Hop fries are a beer drinker’s dream come true – a salty, hoppy, freshly seasoned batch of delicious potato goodness. Developed over the course of a year by our head chef and president, hop fries represent a melding of two of his dearest passions: cooking incredible food and brewing amazing beer! Using a secret recipe that involves some of the finest IPA beer in the world, some of the freshest hops you can imagine, and a special blend of seasonings – we perform deep fat fried alchemy by blending these delicious ingredients together to produce what we confidently call the best fries in the world.

We lard fry our fries twice in the Belgian style to make them perfectly crispy, with our patent pending hop-based seasoning and top it off by offering you a smoked garlic cheddar beer cheese as a side for dipping. If that doesn’t sound like heaven than my friend you need to grab a beer and turn that frown upside down! (Don’t worry kids, our fries go great with soda too)! Remember our Hop Fries, they’ll leave you with that hoppy feeling all day!